Bespoke Sports provides the high quality and durable PVC flooring for your fitness requirements. We consider some of the main points while undertaking a project. That is Sound absorption, Anti – Skid, Ball rebound for the sport and Shock absorption to make the final result worth the money spend. We are committed to provide the best sports experience at our floors. 

We deliver both indoor and outdoor sports flooring for all kind of sports activities. We specialize to provide our products mostly in GYM’s, Schools, Sports centers, Health clubs, Private homes and many more. Main attraction of our PVC flooring is its economically budgeted, easy to keep it clean, less counts of accidents and breakage and durability.

PVC flooring

When it comes to Rubber Flooring, the main concern is on durability and the second is comes on matching the interiors designs of the center. We do more keen researches on the installation method to give more long-lasting products with ultimate perfection and durability. Bespoke Sports have a wide range of selection for rubber flooring manufactured from India, China and Canada. Bespoke Sports always consider its users comfort as the first priority. 

At Bespoke Sports, We have 100% customized rubber flooring solutions like color, shape and theme to match the clients expectation. We are not only the provider of rubber flooring; we can also design your flooring needs with custom theme which is precisely “made for you”.

 We have both indoor and outdoor rubber flooring products. Bespoke Sports do child play area for kids with the imported EPDM flooring materials. Our installation team is trained to provide you with the finest installation methods. Our EPDM flooring are very attractive and tailored designs to engage the kids while activities.

 Some facts about rubber flooring 

  • Water and moisture resistant 
  • Absorbs sound for a bigger volume 
  • Protect ground for actual breakage 
  • Reliable and durable for a very long time 
  • Stain resistant
Rubber flooring

The new trend in both indoor or outdoor sports is made a huge audience for Artificial turfs for football and indoor sports trainings. Bespoke Sports are one of the main importers of high-class artificial grass which is non – allergic, soft, gentle and feels exactly the same as the natural grass. 

Bespoke sports have a wide variety collection of the artificial grass turfs which is matching the client’s budget and interests. 

Some of the facts about Bespoke Sports artificial turfs 

  • Reduces maintenance costs 
  • Child friendly 
  • Reduces water usage and save wastage 
  • Can withstand any hard weather conditions 
  •  Customizable to any sizes 
  • Stays green
artificial grass

We provide the high-quality cushioned systems. Our surfaces are 100% acrylic resins and selected rubber granules that are capable to absorb impact and Suttle the pressure. Our products are designed for a long-lasting life. Bespoke sports make the courts with postindustrial recyclable which is highly durable and made any level player experience a high-class paying experience. 

  • Synthetic basketball court 
  • Rubber PU tennis courts 
  • Acrylic Tennis courts  
  • Indoor and Outdoor basketball courts
basket ball

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